A Day of Solitude

Hey kids,

At the time of this writing this evening, I have not seen a single other person today. I know they’re out there but they must be hunkered down in their own places of shelter.

The wind and snow continued today, but mostly the wind. The trailer shook and creaked. And then finally it stopped. The sun kind of came out and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.

This storm is fitting a losing war. The little bit of sun was working on the edges of the snow banks and the birds were busy picking small bits from the plants still above the snow line. In a week, this storm will just be a fading memory as the springtime reclaims its time from the Chair of the seasons committee.

There will be plenty of people around soon enough. Although it’s been cold and at times unsettling enough to wake up and stay awake, the solitude is nice. More items got done inside the trailer and the walk through the fresh snow void of footprints other than my own has been precious. There are not that many times like this in this life. I do savor them.

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