A Little Extra

Utah, and the western US, has been in a little bit of a drought the past few years… err, decades.

This year, the snow has been piling up. And in these parts drought or not drought depends on the winter snowfall and the subsequent spring run-off.

The mountains have received the most snowfall this year than ever before, beating a 40 year record from 1983. Well over 700″ in fact. It makes the tops and valleys have a rounded, soft look to them as the heavy snowfall fills in the nooks and crannies pretty well.

While driving by Mt. Timpanogos yesterday, we marveled at the “softness” of the mountain, discussed the incoming flooding potential, and yet the overall joy of having a great water year before us.

The mountain seemed proud of what it has accomplished this season. And there’s more snow still coming! More inches and feet to add to the record. More water to quench the thirsty valleys and reservoirs below. More beautiful splendor to peacock on these brief clear sunny afternoons between storms.

Still adding on. A little extra.

While we were basking in the glow of the winter’s accomplishment, I silently kept an eye on the shrouded peak. 11,750 feet above sea level, hiding in the clouds, stands the summit.

And there, I once stood. On a whim I took the 11 hours it took to hike there and back. I too took a little extra moment to remember. A memory I will never forget, an accomplishment to be personally proud of.

I’ve been up there.

It gave the moment a little extra.

For me anyway.

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