Up the River Without a Paddle.

Hey kids,

This is our third season on Lake Powell. And our first season with our own powerboat.

The initial attempts to enter the powerboat era we’re unsuccessful. Overheating, shift cable adjustments, and missed water line connections plagued and almost sank the poor little 18 footer. But it taught me some lessons.

  1. Don’t just assume all is ready to go. Research, eye-ball, and become familiar with something new before you put your faith in it.
  2. Leaky things are more of an issue on a boat than a car.
  3. Enjoy life. Even the bad times are valuable. I know my boat better than I would have if everything went smooth from the start and I appreciated it more when things went right.

It may have been some headache I thought I didn’t want, but at the end of the day yesterday, we cruised a small part of the lake and explored the parts previously explored only via kayaks and a little bit beyond.

On future trips, I’m sure we’ll be out on the old river channel and to parts we’ve never seen and way too far to have reached via paddle power.

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