Work Space

Hey Kids,

Moving forward with this Phase III idea, I decided that it’s time to kick this new career thing in the butt.

When I made the most progress in the past, it was by establishing a routine; one that I would follow every day. Same time and same place. Occasionally exceptions would arise, but they had to be exceptions and not the rule. The only way to achieve the same place every day, is to make sure I have a place to go to everyday. My desk.

desk cleaning

Clearing the writing space.

Over the past months, my desk has become overgrown with mail, books, and parts and pieces of every project, gadget, and idea that I’ve worked on lately. But after a couple of trash bags and the generation of a large pile of items for the thrift store; my desk is cleared. My power cords are ran, the speakers are situated, and the surface awaits the laptop for docking.

Let the work begin!

Oh wait; look at that, it’s already done.


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