A Windy Beginning

Hey Kids,

(May 16, 2017 Posted Retroactively)

Tonight we are beached in the Rincon area of Lake Powell and sadly (and happily) there is no Wi-Fi so these updates the next couple of days will have to wait until Saturday night to post.


CAPTAIN Mike, as it were.

We motored down river about 19 miles out of Bullfrog. We had had many discussions on where but we settled on this destination. I’m not sure how long we’ll stay here, but if we don’t we’ll turn back towards Bullfrog.

The trip was smooth and without incident. We located our spot, positioned the boat, and beached it perfectly. Annette jumped off with the anchors. And then the incidents began.

A sudden wind burst kicked up and blew across the boat, spinning the back end parallel to the shore. Not having a lot of experience, I was stuck momentarily. I got my brain on the situation and we eventually got the boat tuned back right and beached and anchored. The wind clamed.

We relaxed. I fished and found lots of new Smallmouth bass friends. They were everywhere on the rocks. Nothing big, but they were fun.

The wind kicked up and we tried to finish dinner. But the anchors began to give way and we had a hard time getting it all back right, and an extra anchor placed on the windward side.

It’s dark now and I’m not sure what the wind is planning on doing. Every time I think it’s beginning to calm, a gust rips through. As I wrote in our boat logs earlier, this might be a long, long night.


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