To Thyself Be True

Hey Kids,

Loyalty. What exactly is that?

Devoted. Obedient. Trustworthy. Stalwart. Supportive. Safe.

People are loyal to family and friends; all others are secondary. Blood is thicker than water, it is said.

People are loyal to country. Death before surrender, death to all against.

People are loyal to brands. Buy no other, tell others by word of mouth, or by t-shirt.

People are loyal to routine. Practice makes perfect.

Loyalty is usually earned and maintained. The family never betrays, a country grants freedom, brands never disappoint, routine produce results.

It’s easy to be loyal.hamlet

Except to oneself.

Earn your own loyalty and be everything you respect in others.


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2 thoughts on “To Thyself Be True

  1. Loyalty although difficult to earn, can be easy to lost.

    A poor choice of (dare I say) hurtful words, the lack of appreciation shown over time (taking ones loyalty for granted) or not having the willingness to listen, are just some things that can make one reconsider where loyalties lay.

    Thought provoking as always, Mike.

    PS.The first thing i thought of when i saw your picture 🙂

    Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio…

    • Great additional thoughts. I agree. I can be fiercely loyal but I expect the return. If not, my devotion fades quickly and its hard to regain.
      Hamlet was obviously on my mind as well.

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