Sizzle Matters

Hey Kids,

Marketing rules says to sell the sizzle not the steak.sizzle

It seems, on the surface, to be disingenuous at the least and salesman sleazy at its worst. But outside of trying to sell someone something, there’s a truth to it.

Upon arrival at the apartments this afternoon, there was attached to the little clip by my door, the May newsletter. It contained a warning to clean up after your dogs on the grounds. A warning to keep your dog or cat (their words) on a leash. A warning to get your patio cleaned up. A notice about where the city will be placing dumpsters for spring clean-up. And an announcement for a kite festival this weekend, but the location is listed as: TBA.

Oh yes. And an invite to follow them on Facebook.

There was a picture of presumably May flowers but no attempt to make the overall look interesting. No interesting fonts, logo, or maybe even some positive news about something.

My goal is not to dog on this newsletter. I know it was most likely produced at the command of a management company, by employees who have too much to do already. Instead, my point is that when you are going to deal with people, be a person. Make at least part of it interesting or even pleasing to look at. This applies to a newsletter, a PowerPoint presentation, or a photo (photos are almost always more interesting if someone is in it- even if it you don’t know who it is.)

Talk like normal people talk, not like a lawyer, a doctor, or an apartment manager.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to try to be funny. Even if you’re the only one laughing- at least that’s one person laughing.

Steak as steak is just a chunk of meat. It’s when it starts to sizzle that people really get interested.

Sizzle matters.


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