Day Lake-ing

NOTE- The WiFi wasn’t as good as I thought.

Hey Kids,

Amazingly enough there is Wi-Fi on the docks and here I am!

Rain accompanied us on our trip down to Lake Powell yesterday evening. Between traffic, a few potty breaks, and bad windshield wipers; we didn’t make it to our houseboat until just after midnight. But it was here and waiting for us to come aboard. We dumped all of our stuff inside and went straight to bed.

We slept in and woke to a cold 39° morning, plenty of dark clouds, and a breeze that could make one stay in bed even longer. Instead we explored the marina area and tried to get familiar with the layout of the facilities. Annette is a veteran of this place but I am not. We found all of the gift shops, the café, and the showers. Since the water services are not yet available on the boat, this last find was much celebrated.

We kayaked in the afternoon, once the sun decided to chase off the clouds. The air warmed into the 50’s but the sun had got its groove on and its rays felt hot on the skin when the two met. The new kayak proved to be as fast as I had feared. I lost the Mrs. several times as she sped off while I tended to a fishing line or lure. I’ll never be able to keep up with her now.

A flooded canyon just upstream from Bullfrog provided an incredible tour of narrowing cliff walls. My depth finder marked us at about 40 feet at the mouth. We followed it back until the elevation of the lake met the beginning of the sand. A few fish spotted us but never seemed to see my lure.

We watched the sunset during dinner at the Anasazi Café overlooking Bullfrog Bay. The water and surroundings adorned themselves in all the paints and colors of this desert oasis as we watched the sun melt into the red rock hills on the opposite side.

Back at the boat, I hope to make acquaintance with a number of the striped bass residents tonight. They’re why I came here. They’re why I wanted a houseboat here. Don’t act surprised, I never said that I was complicated.

Hopefully I’ll touch base again tomorrow.


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