Right Tool, Right Now

Hey Kids,

The right tool for the right job. It always makes a difference. What could be a miserable job, when tackled with the right tool is easy- maybe even enjoyable.

Today called for rain. Lots of it. The morning was a balmy 51°at daybreak but the weather report warned about being led astray. An evil cold front was to roll through about mid-day.

Believe it or not, it was true and right on the money. The clouds darkened and the moisture fell.

By quitting time, the rain really opened up. But my motorcycle and I weren’t scared.

In my saddle bags resided my rain gear. A few minutes of donning the newly acquired Frogg Toggs and the rain rolled off of me like the back of a duck. I also wore the full face helmet so I didn’t have to worry about the feeling of 1000 bees stinging my face (how rain feels with an exposed face in rain at any speed over 30). It was nice, cool, and refreshing, despite the looks of pity from the cagers.

I had the right gear for the road conditions today. *Pats himself on the back*

Although when I think of right tools for the job, I usually and immediately think of working on cars. Others may have different ideas but it’s what I did for so long with all the wrong tools. I learned. Here are a few examples I can testify make a difference.perfect_tool

A spark plug socket instead of a long socket. Or a short socket with an extender on it.

A harmonic balancer puller, or any puller for that matter, over a hammer and two screwdrivers.

A flare nut wrench over a standard combo wrench.

A pneumatic or electric lug wrench over a star wrench.

American made over China made; any tool.

A volt tester over moistened finger tips.

What’s something you know that makes a difference?


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