With an Hour on Top.

Hey Kids,

It’s the day after daylight savings and we sprung ahead an hour yesterday.

Now today, everyone still dragged around like we had an overnighter.Victory-Congress-passes-daylight-saving-bill- war time

It was only an hour folks.

The TV news explained that today is National Nap day to help everyone’s recovery. I think it was a joke, but it illustrates how far and deep this perception of being so tired runs.

I did notice that fewer people complained about this direction of adjustment than when we fell back an hour in the fall. I think people like the extra hour of daylight after work is done.

An extra hour of walking. An extra hour of riding a bike. An extra hour to enjoy the back porch, a drive after dinner, or to prepare to watch a relaxing sunset.

The only way the extra hour makes no difference is if you don’t spend it in the natural light of the outdoors. In which case, don’t hate, just take a nap.


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