Hey Kids,

England. Scotland. Ireland.


Sweden. Denmark.

I hear they’re all great places. I can only vouch for France.

I loved France and the French language. I even found a deep fondness of the French people. I ate their cheeses. I rode their trains. I regret I didn’t try their wine, but I hear it’s top notch.paris

Paris was everything they say it would be. The Eiffel Tower, the Metro, and the Avenue des Champs-Elysees are living art pieces. And the Lady of them all, Notre Dame, captured my eternal admiration from atop the right bell tower, watching the city bustle below on a sunny afternoon. I love that city. If you get the chance to go, do it.

So what’s with the other countries I listed? They are countries from where my ancestors came.

I know near nothing about them. If time and resources allow me, I hope to visit them all. They are my countries, my homes, and the lands of the people who gave me everything.

For whatever reason, they left those places. Given what they knew, their hope lied across the sea, over here in America. Better future for them. Better future for me.

So when I read an article, like I did today, that America is no longer within the top 20 preferred places from where to own a passport (tied for 35th); I honestly can’t think of any other place I would trade with.

I’m right where some people who knew better, left me.


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