We’re Back

Hey Kids,

Have you ever watched the sky to see the International Space Station fly by? It’s nothing but a bright moving star that seems to wobble its way from one corner of the sky to the other. A long sighting lasts only a few minutes.

Still, I find it exciting to see. I actually get geeky about it. Pointing at the sky like a kid spotting an oncoming ice cream truck, I make sure everyone sees it too.

One of my favorite movies is Apollo 13. I read the book too; Lost Moon was the original title. Outside of the incredible story of the successful failure, it was the short narrative at the end of the film. Tom Hanks speaking as Jim Lovell resonated with me and I share his question. He says that in the years following his return he watched other men walk on the moon and after the program ended wondered when would we go back?space-x

So you can imagine my thoughts when I read today that Space X is planning to start doing fly-bys of the moon. The company that has been testing and proving the reality and success of a privately funded space program, is taking the next step; as early as next year!

Nearly 40 years later, we’re going back. Maybe not to walk on the moon, but certainly to usher the dawn of new space exploration. I couldn’t be more excited.


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3 thoughts on “We’re Back

  1. Years ago I spoke to some of the astonoughts on the space station as it few flew by. I was/ am a radio amateur (ham)

    Even though the conversations were breif, it was interesting to hear them relate their experience and what it felt like to circle the earth.

    Perhaps one day we will inhabit the moon like they did on that sci-fi show Moonbase Alpha (space 1999)?

      • I was very active years ago. But the yard I have now doesn’t allow for elaborate antenna systems. More low key now.

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