Fishing by Film

Hey Kids,

Tonight I’m headed to a film festival. Although not as prestigious or glamorous as the recent Sundance Film Festival, I do expect to be entertained. Tonight will be the Fly fishing Film Festival. The one evening festival consists of about two hours of 5-10 minutes films featuring fly fishing.fff

The films are not all just cast, hook, and catch. Most shorts tell an interesting story that includes casting, hooking, and catching. I have noticed that these films do share certain characteristics:

  • People packing gear.
  • Helicopter or plane ride.
  • Slow motion shots of the cast, hook, and catch.
  • Slower motion shot of angler holding the fish partially in the water cradled in two hands with water pouring out of the fishes mouth as it gulps air. It’s the “money shot”.

Ultimately all tough days are rewarded, shy trout give in to curiosity, and anglers pat each other on the back as they stroll away from the water, rods in hand and smiles galore.

What’s really fun is that with the group of paid viewers, cheers are shared for the hits, and awes for the misses. And when each film ends, the applause is exuberant.

It should be fun.


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