Hey Kids,

Growing up in the 70’s like I did, there was no greater super hero than Batman. Every afternoon, the episode aired and all of us kids tuned in. Mondays and Wednesdays left Batman and Robin in a life threatening peril that only Tuesdays and Thursdays would reveal how they could escape. And Fridays, if we were lucky, brought Cat woman into the fray.

The funny thing about Batman, he had no super power other than being rich. He bought all the gizmos and trinkets that help him overcome the equally non-powerful villains. They were all quirky, but no ray eyes or flying or exposure to rare substances. They simply tried to out think each other in their eccentric ways and cheap puns.

Superman was a cheat. An alien life form that brought with him all his cheating ways. He was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, etc, etc, etc. Boring, really.

But if you were going to a superhero, Superman was the guy. He could do it all.

One of the best lines in any movie, anywhere, comes from the animated movie the Iron Giant. Remembering the lesson from the little boy who taught him all of what he knew of his world, he answered the call of being who he chose to be.


Flying straight into the nuclear missile, high in the atmosphere, and into certain destruction, all to save the boy, his mother, the town, and the military personnel who had been trying to destroy him, he closed his eyes and proclaimed, “Superman.”

Even Batman would have to be proud.


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