Hey Kids,

I like to think I’m cold and unfeeling. I keep to myself. I’m not mean, but I don’t attract admirers.

I’m OK with this persona I maintain, mostly at work. It keeps me safe and isolated. To be within my circle of trusted friends, you have to be patient.

And then the image, in two-minutes, is blown.

I made the mistake of talking about something dear to me at a staff meeting. I let down my guard and dropped the curtain to a part of me that I didn’t expect to show. It even surprised me.

I cried. fb_img_1471094628735

In front of way too many people that I now have to work with.


The taboo subject I should’ve avoided?

Our sweet little Pipkin who left us after only a few months of living with us, but long enough to steal and own my heart. And now after four months, I still miss her as if she had always been with us.

“A pet- a heartbreak waiting to happen.”


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