New Age Explorer

Hey Kids,

The Internet delivers stories and pictures to me daily of different places and different adventures that exist elsewhere in the world. Some are near to my home and some are far; the computer doesn’t know the difference and brings them all. Years past, these stories would rarely reach my attention.

But they do now.age-of-exploration-image

I feel I know so many more of my family than I ever did before. Posts of their travels, their schools, their kids, their accomplishments, their struggles, and their adventures allow me to enjoy them, argue with them, and miss them. I used to not even know their names.

There are so many places that I want to visit, things I want to see, and people I want to meet in person. I take account of them all and I realize that there are too many places that interest me, that I can’t possibly see and do it all. I will never run out of new things to explore.

Isn’t that wonderful.


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