One Man’s Lake…


Lake Powell. Well, part of it. (Picture by NASA)

Hey Kids,

No matter the position and the clarity of logic you may hold, there will always be someone who holds the complete opposite view. Always.

In this era of ready access to each other, the opposition makes itself known easier than before. I now find myself in a situation that could develop into such a scenario. I want Lake Powell in Utah to remain.

I own a houseboat now on that lake and I have an intense love for it. I hope it lasts forever. I can’t wait to be back on top of the deep water between the deeper rock walls and to float into the bays and canyons, exploring the many fingers of waterways clawed into the red rock desert.

The fishing that awaits me, is fishing only dreamed of just a year away. I long for the symptoms of severe striper fever to grip my body and cause me to reel fish in my sleep. I want to paddle the kayak, swim the waves, and stare at sunsets and sunrises until my retinas cry for mercy.

And yet, there are people who call for the lake to be drained. I have read their arguments, studied their positions, and I find little merit. But they would argue that point.

They can have their opinion, wrong as it might be. That’s what makes this country great. We can allow people with opposing points of view to state their point of view. We can allow them to be wrong and it erodes our rightness nothing at all.

I plan on enjoying my lake. I plan on talking about it and having no shame for doing so.

Feel free to proclaim “Drain Lake Powell” of “Free the Colorado” as much as you like. But as for me and my house, we will say “Fill Lake Powell to the brim.”

PS- My boat lives in the bay in the lower right hand corner of the included picture.


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