That Kid

Hey Kids,

I have an employee who struggles to meet what is required of him on a daily basis.

At times he soars; he surprises me how he responds. And just when I think he’s arrived, he disappoints me.

When I think he’s at the point of no repair, he again amazes me with his production.

He’s young. He lacks experience. He struggles with judgment.aadfd4dc1b3db328719c7222c9a97131

He’s young. He can push himself. He is unencumbered with his own history.

He reminds me at times of another kid.

Someone still wet with the dew of childhood, lacking experience of the world, and yet believing he knew it all. That guy luckily had people who didn’t hold it against him, taught him the world through example, and let him have his youthful failures and taught him how to succeed.

I think that kid, me, turned out just fine.

I think that other kid just needs the chance to do the same.


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