A Lighting Bolt by Any Other Name

Hey Kids,

I’ve had my differences with the Chargers through the years.

They seem to beat us when we need to win and we seem to beat them when we have no right reason to do so. It’s a rivalry. It’s a hate thing.

But it’s also a not so hate thing.bolt

The San Diego Chargers have been a thorn in the side of Raiders for my entire life. When we brawl, it’s like fighting a sibling. You want to win, but always with the hope to fight again.

The San Diego Chargers, however, are no more. They have moved on.

I’m sure on a professional level, the LA Chargers will be the same as they were further south.

Right now, the San Diego fans won’t be able to see it and it’s them for whom I feel sorry.

When you’re a fan of a team, you don’t care about salaries, stadiums, box seats, ticket sales, or the like. You watch your colors against their colors and you watch the scoreboard and hope your total totals more than theirs.

I feel for my San Diego brothers. They took your team, they’re changing you logo, and they just expect you to follow.

I’ve been through it. My team has moved. Twice. And look to move again.

I can tell you though. When the game starts, it won’t matter. You’ll find it within yourself to root for your team again.

Besides who else can you call your team? The Broncos??


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