Phaser Chicken or Blaster Egg

Hey Kids,

I grew up with lasers. So to speak.

The idea of phasers, disrupters, blasters, warp cores, and hyper-drives have been a lifetime reality for me. Sort of.

The idea of these things are as much a reality as oxygen. I can’t really see them, but I know they must be there. And always have for as long as I can remember.EC76 5806	
Dr. Fletcher and Star Trek actors at Enterprise rollout

Yet man’s first walk on the moon happen during my lifetime. I remember the first digital watches, the first calculator, the brick cell phones, VCR’s as big as a suitcase, the internet superhighway, and the first time I heard the term of a “site” and asked if that was what they called these “places” on the World Wide Web. I remember the first time I read that wireless technology was being referred to by some as “Wi-Fi”.

It makes me wonder, did we come up with all these things because we had accepted the fact that they existed before they ever did, or would we have just come up with them anyway?

I like to think that anything is possible if it can be imagined.

That is of course, if it’s worthy of the effort to “make it so”.


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