Extra Time

EHey kids,

My mind still thinks back to the passing of Angela last week.

And of Andrew. A friend grown from working together who passed the day after Thanksgiving a number of years ago. He was 48.

Tracy died 4 years ago. She was my age. She was also a staff member and someone I really loved. After her passing, I finally admitted that she had always been my favorite, as accused for years. Her passing hit me hard.

Life is so random.IMG_20160712_191038

I’m fifty. I work hard and I’m amazed how much I’m still able to push myself. I have good health. Maybe a few issues here and there but I’m healthy. I have a thinking mind. I have a dream and a future. I have hope to see my kids grow up, to see grand kids, and to share many years and experiences and adventures with my incredible wife.

Why do I get to carry on after others around me, who had just as much to live for, were cut short? I don’t know. I thank God. I’ve been given more time to pursue my hopes, to enjoy life, and to share with others.

I hope there’s a better place my friends have entered. My wish is that it turns out to be me who is missing out for sticking around here.

But in case it all ends with my last breath, I hope I’m breathing hard because I made the most of what I’d been giving.

Enjoy life; tomorrow may never come.


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One thought on “Extra Time

  1. Hi Mike,

    Sometimes, it does take the passing of a close friend or relative to make us see the fleeting nature of life. It always serves as a reminder to me to live each day with gratitude.


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