A Lot of Little

Hey kids,

Annette and I are told on a regular basis how much fun we must have. They comment on the adventures we experience and the things we do.

Funny thing is, we don’t feel like we do so much.

We get out. We have our cheap kayaks and we have our places we like to visit. We bought passes to the state and federal parks so we can pop in on them whenever we want without worrying about entrance fees.

We like to do day trips.

Actually, we do day trips because of our crazy work schedules and the four jobs between us. So when a day opens for a few hours, we go to where time allows. Today it was a little excursion to East Canyon Reservoir for some floating, picnic, and relaxing.


I believe it’s the collection of little trips, the little adventures that make it look like we’re always out exploring the world. We don’t have the time or the money for the big ticket adventures, and maybe that’s why it appears we have so many.


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