My Daily Drive Home

Hey Kids,

To honor my words that said I would, and based on the idea on a post by Nancy Loderick, here are a few pictures of the things I see on my daily ride home.

Out the front door of the facility:


The bike is waiting:


Leaving the “U”:


Rolling through the posh neighborhood:


I have no idea what this is, but it’s there, across from the Shriner’s Hospital:


The Salt Lake Cemetery. The picture does it no justice, it’s huge and beautiful.

Around and across City Creek Canyon and up to the Capitol Building.

And the view off to the west. Sorry the ride gets fast and not picture worthy for the last 5-7 minutes of the drive. While I took the last picture, a fellow motorcycle rider, pictured below, slowed to check on me and made sure I wasn’t broke down (don’t ask me how I took that picture).


And to end, a happy selfie.



My Inspiration: A Walk Through My Hometown

Thanks Nancy.


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