Star Wars Day on the Dark Side

Hey kids,

I always miss this one, or at least remember way to late to use it.

So here it goes:

May the Fourth be with you.

I’m going to have so much fun today.

Speaking of Star Wars, I still think Darth Maul was too good of a character to waste on one episode. The double bladed sword, the martial arts, the tattooed face; he was the villain to fear.

Dart Maul carried, or at least did not share, his tortured past. He loved being a Sith; I never sensed any conflict in him. He went right to work with the Jedi, issuing no one liners, no insults, and no taunting. He did not fear the Jedi- not even two of them. He had style, he had hate, and he had skills; skills even I could appreciate.

darth maul.jpg

I really don’t want to know anymore of Darth Maul’s background. I hope he doesn’t come back around as some half robot, half soul searching Sith wannabe. He was the one that made Episode 1 work for me.

Darth Maul- the villain we never knew so we could like/hate him the way bad guys need to be.

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