Day Trip

Hey Kids,

Following a week where I crashed and slept every chance I got, which wasn’t a lot, we finally got out of town. Even if only for a few hours.

On the first sunny day, we paid a quick visit to the Marina on the Great Salt Lake. IMG_20160402_141453774_HDRThe lake has raised a foot over the previous historically low level this winter. We will return with our kayaks later, when the weather warms a little more.

Then out to the west and the Stansbury Mountains. We drove past the asphalt and continued in 4WD until the road ended. The remains of last week’s snow hid in the north side shadows of the trees and bushes, indicating that we had climbed some decent elevation.

Of course we had to return to home and get me to bed for the overnight shift tonight.

IMG_20160403_024922There are so many nooks and crannies that are tucked up into the canyons and slopes of these mountains around us. It might take me another 50 years to see half of them.

Sounds like another worthy goal.




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