In and Out

Hey kids!

I enjoy a good burger from time to time. Probably a little more than I should.

I realize that not all burgers are created equal and therefore should not be judged as equal either.

Tonight we stopped at In and Out.

On quality it ranks over McDonald’s standard fare but well below restaurant level.

It’s fun food. The servers, although cheesy, make you smile from the start.  The menu is simple and all contained on the two small lighted panels above the cashier. The red and white color scheme makes the dining room bright and appear cleaner than it most likely is.

A glance around produces many smiling customers. It’sobvious that the happy atmosphere radiating from the kitchen is contagious.

In and Out will never win a Best Burger award without an inordinate number of qualifiers, but it’s fun and the food satisfies the hunger.


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