Back in the Saddle

Hey Kids,

It has been a month, but it happened.db08987960b2b013dafa43e75167dce1

The storms have finally spaced out enough to allow the snow to be removed and the sun has dried out the asphalt and warmed the air to almost 40°. It was time to get the bike out on the road.

I left for work this morning on the bus, but walking between the campus buildings it seemed like too nice a day to return in the same manner.

I knew I had to stay later than the normal quitting time due to a project that required my assistance. Since OT is frown upon, I already had the thought of taking a long lunch. And then the idea struck suddenly and clearly. Of course! I jumped on a bus, rode home, grabbed some lunch and returned on the bike. Both problems solved.

The air had cooled considerably by the time I left for home around 4:30, somewhere around 32°. But I had the gear to stay warm. The bike fired right up and although not happy with the cold air, it ran great. It felt good to open the throttle a little and relive the freedom. It’s funny how quickly I forget how it feels. The last time I had rode the bike to work had been December 21st, it might as well been years. I gave in to the ease of the bus too easily.

Tomorrow the rain and snow return.

It was a good run if even for only a day.


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