Out There


Hey kids,

I’ve written before about Utah’s west desert but I’m going to do it again.

For the first time we ventured out into a snow covered landscape. The recent storms had left nearly a foot of snow on the ground.

The tracks in the road marked those that had passed before us;,it really hadn’t been that many. Tracks in the snow marked where the many critters had passed as well. Cow, wild mustangs, jack rabbits, and small rodentish tracks criss crossed the road. We ended up seeing at least one of each, minis the rodent but plus one coyote.

We took a trail unknown to us and even less traveled. We had no idea where it led and the sun sunk lower with each mile.

Eventually we found our way back to a paved road and then one with a highway number. We had covered about 100 miles on unknown dirt, snowpacked roads.

It still sets me in awe how much open land there exists, how much life lives in those harsh environments, and how few people explore any of it.

I love going out there.


Day #320

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