Year Round Wheel Round

Hey Kids,

It’s not Phoenix, but Salt Lake isn’t too bad when it comes to riding a motorcycle year round.Ice-Cold-Ride

The Wasatch Front can experience snow anytime from October through May. The measureable snow, however, the snow on the road that makes it impossible to ride the motorcycle to work, is measured more in periods of days, and when added together equal maybe 3-6 weeks.

All other days, the roads are clear. It might be cold, but as long as there’s no ice on the road. It’s all good.

Like today.

The next day, maybe not.

We talk about moving further to the south, like Texas south, which would make the days of ice on the road even less. But until that time comes, I can live with the restrictions I now face.

Each day that passes is another day closer to Spring.

Spring may bring rain, but it also brings uninterrupted motorcycle time.

And uninterrupted motorcycle time is what makes me happy.


Day 300

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