I Do Have Feet

Hey Kids,

I apologize for two things today.

1) For the timing of this blog. There are a few times that I do not get the blog posted before midnight. But to keep the dates straight, I back post it to the 11 o’clock hour of the previous day. Recently I have used my lunch hour at 2 AM to finish and post the blog. Sometimes it’s what I need to do.

2) Today is one of those days. I had a bad health day and it really occupied my attention. Outside of staying put and watching boring daytime TV, I tried to do nothing and I’m afraid this post may suffer from that practice.

I’ve done some complaining recently. I thought I was experiencing the worse. Today taught me it can always get worse. I wish now I had enjoyed the “good times” earlier in the week.It+could+be+worse+_a89785118b8de0a86d10193db23a6b3d

That sounds depressing, but really; I need to just take what’s being given to me and be glad for it.

A friend of mine used ot repeat a saying his father used to tell him.

“I complained about having no shoes until I saw the boy with no feet.”

Yeah, that.


Day 297

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