Bad or Badder

Hey Kids,

I had the ear test and the results were not the best.

It has been determined that one of two things have caused my hearing loss: A virus or a tumor.ent-pod-cast

To solve the virus problem, I have been placed on a treatment of steroids for two weeks, after which I will have a second ear test and see if any improvement has been made. If there is improvement, we’ll outline future treatment. The doctor did not give any odds but let me know that if no improvement is seen, we’ll be taking about hearing loss management. The thing in my favor is that we started treatment so early.

In two weeks, An MRI will be taken to search for any tumors. If it turns out to be the actual cause, I do not know the treatment. It is safe to say, this is the least likely and the least desired outcome.

I know that the loss of hearing in one ear is not the end of the world, there are plenty of people who have worse. I’m just shocked at how sudden it has occurred. And it amazes me how something so small has made such a big change in my life.

Even if just temporarily. I hope.



Day 284

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