Working for the Weekend

Hey Kids,

Just a quick note before I take off tonight and work my Australian Hours Job. (Sounds better than graveyard). (Or does it?)

We had the kids over for a round of Chicken Soup. It was our Thanksgiving Dinner with them. We figured that everyone has had enough Turkey at this point. It’s always good food for the soul.IMG_20151129_212128_525

I didn’t quite finish my NaNoWriMo story today but I have until tomorrow night to finish. I’m within striking distance, a simple normal day’s quota will do it.

It’s been a long weekend with the days off and the working every day of it. But it has been a good one. The extra job has relived a lot of stress. Especially once the extra check starts cashing. It’s not as materialistic as that sounded. I’ll explain later.


NaNoWriMo: 48,836/50,000

Day 279

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