Deer Winter

Hey Kids,

Along with the cooler air temperatures, there is yet another evil lurking in these dark, winter times on the road.04 Deer migration sign

The ice has yet to become black upon the road, and the snow has yet to fall but along the sides of the roads, deer are beginning to gather from out of the hills.

They might look innocent and even resemble their poetically descriptive doe-eyed selves but I tell you they are not so innocent. OK, maybe innocent but not without mischief.

Today I saw two sets of them, just waiting for their chance. Sure they’re cute and they raised those adorable mule like ears at the sound of the motor approaching; but when the sun goes down, they cannot resist walking out and standing on the black top surface.

I love deer. During the day. When it’s dark and I’m on the road with my two-wheeled, two-cylinder noise maker, I am no fan of the Bambi wannabe at all.


NaNoWriMo: 32,397/50,000

Day 269

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