Quit. I do not.

Hey Kids,

Day two of NaNoWriMo is passing into tomorrow and I’m still on track. I finished Chapter two this evening and might go back to work a little longer after I finish this post.

Today was a challenging day for me. I realized once again how poor I am. I’m not dirt floor poor but it sucks when you realize the money is too short to cover all the bills. Now I have to ask, what bill collector gets the meanest, who charges the most on penalties, and more importantly, who can shut off what service.Goodbye_Quitter

But that’s life in the lower middle class these days.

It’s OK. I know things will get better. It’s why I keep working and earning. One day it’ll pay off.

I believe if you work hard, for you, whatever you do, for the sake of your benefit; it pays off. Maybe not always in being a millionaire but it makes you a better person.

I’m working at my computer and all around me others sleep. I don’t wrong them, but this is how I know I’m going in the right direction. I’m doing something worthwhile and that is why I’m still doing it. And one day I hope to do this fulltime.

Until then, I’ll keep plugging away at the day job, the blog, and my writing projects.

The only one that can quit and fail me now, is me. And I’m not going to let that happen.


NaNoWriMo: 3400/50,000

Day 252

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