Movie Night

Hey Kids,

I’m doing this blog a little earlier because it’s $5 night at the movies.

Every Tuesday, all the movie houses here are $5 all day, every movie. Well normal movies like I watch anyway. Maybe the 3D, D-Box, Infrared, poly-stereophonic, VIP, Plus-pass movies are more. I don’t know. But the normal movies are $5.

Crumpled five dollar bill

Crumpled five dollar bill

I’m ranted and raved about the do-over movies. So when a movie that seems to be an original gets such rave reviews, I need to suck it up and support the theatre movies. This time it’s The Martian.

I know there has been a lot of movies about Mars and us humans visiting there, but this seems to be more of an original twist. I understand it can’t even be compared to Robinson Caruso on Mars. The word is that this movie is flat out good. A feel-gooder too.

I’m willing to plunk down my $10 for my baby and me to check it out.

$30 Popcorn, however, will not be bought.


Day 225

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