Wedding Day

Hey Kids,

You’re going to have to excuse me today but this will be a short post, it’s my wedding night.

So why am I on the computer blogging?

Good question. Except it’s what I do.

The ceremony was great. Had cops show up but all was well. The weather remained rainy but broke long enough for us to have our moment and walk around the lake for pictures. It started again as we reached our cars. I’ll thank our prayers for that miracle.

Our Wedding Chapel- Fall Edition

Our Wedding Chapel- Fall Edition

The cabin served as an excellent host for our guests. Adults visited, kids ran wild through the trees. Everyone found enough food to make them happy. Many sneakers and school shoes were muddied and possibly ruined, all to the chagrin of the parents who let their kids run wild outside.

The rains have again subsided and the air has cooled to 38°F. Luckily the hot tub is maintaining 106.

We are going to enjoy the evening into the night soaking up the hot water. Then we’ll see if we can find anything else to keep us occupied until sleep finds us. After that we will sleep-in to as close to the 11 o’clock check-out time in the morning, as we possibly can.

I’ll be back tomorrow and fill in some more details.


Day 222

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