Lazy Sunday?

Hey Kids,

What should’ve been a lazy Sunday turned out to a little busy.

We slept in a little following a late night on Saturday, but we were still up and going by 10.

Hit Walmart to get groceries and supplies for today and looking towards the upcoming week.

Changed the brakes on the 4Runner. One side was enough to make me have to repent for my language; the other side so easy, I felt embarrassed for the difficulty of the first side.

Super Blood Moon

Super Blood Moon

I split for a Birthday dinner for my niece. Good times and saw most of my sister’s family and a number of their kids. I find it hard to believe that I’m the old great uncle already.

Headed over to the other birthday activity for my sweetie’s oldest son. It was a party/craft night to prepare decorations for his upcoming wedding.

Oh, and the lunar eclipse happened tonight too. I remember the last one back in 1982 but this one, minus the annoying intruding clouds, seemed a little more spectacular. I have no camera that could capture it properly so I’ll default to an internet image. 

And now all focus will shift to our own wedding in just 6 days. This will be a busy week.


Day 216

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