Epic October on the Horizon

Hey Kids,

Wedding. Road trip. Wedding. Whew!

This upcoming month of October is going to be a crazy time!

First up is my own good news with my own wedding on the 3rd. Pretty cool, eh? A mountain setting, with a friend to marry us, I expect nothing less than fantastic in a most simple way. The dress will be mountain casual for the guests and we’ll be at one of my most favorite places in the world. I’ll be talking more about all this in the next coming weeks. Two of them to be exact.

Texas will be on the docket during the middle of the month. For Annette, it’s going home.

Spray painting creepy table decorations.

Spray painting creepy table decorations.

October 27th will be the wedding for her oldest. The ceremony will be in a Haunted House venue. Crazy!

On top of all that, I have two books that need to be finished. Ouch!

Every weekend will be jammed packed, so I need to cut this off short today because I’m bushed with all the wedding prep work going on around here.

More fun to come!!


Day 208

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