No One Left to Believe

Hey Kids,

As the US politic season continues on, I’m faced more and more shock headlines:

Bernie’s Plan will Cost $190 Trillion!Joe-biden-mad-libs

Republicans Hate Women!

Obama Is Trying to Run for Third Term!

Trump’s wig is made from dolls intended for the orphanage.

I knew it’s all just crap.

What happened to journalists writing the articles to be read and pondered and then deciding to like the info or don’t. And then, vote accordingly.

Without feeling the need to convince others to vote like I do.

Without coaching.

Without being told how stupid I am.

However, everything they say about Hilary is true.


Day 204

2 thoughts on “No One Left to Believe

  1. At least you haven’t had 5 prime ministers in as many years. At least you keep your leaders for the full term of office.

    Australia: like a ship without a rudder.

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