Bike Therapy

Hey Kids,

Work has sucked.

The day job anyway.

What to do?

Get on my bike and ride.

Instead of the normal 10 mile ride from the school to the home, I decided to turn right where I usually go straight.

The slight turn ultimately lead me out of town and up a canyon and up into the mountains.

Over the first summit and reverse following the path the original Mormon pioneers followed into the Salt lake Valley, I looked out across the first lake. Being Wednesday, no one was enjoying the lake that I could see.

View from Big Mountain

View from Big Mountain

I took the next turn and continued up higher until I reached the summit of Big Mountain at 7400ft.

I didn’t stop. I cruised the downhill side of the mountain range until it passed yet another reservoir and flattened into farmlands and a winding road strolling from one field to the next.

A quick jaunt down an interstate and another highway brought me back out of the mountains and into the populated North Davis County part of the Great Salt Lake valley.

A few more miles south and I found myself at home. A nearly 100 mile commute.

I burnt some fuel that warmed the planet .000000000000001°, but with that sacrifice I found peace in the sound of my own wheels. I watched the pines parade past. I watch the blue sky darken and threaten rain, but restrained.

I saw some deer that stayed well away from the road and I mooed at a cow and meowed at a cat that watched me roll by.

Most of all, I thought. Not of work, but of people, of projects, and my place in this thing called life. Not in a deep way, but in a soothing, relaxing, take-it-easy way.

It was also a good road test for the newly repaired bike.

The Suzuki received its official clean bill of health. And so did I.


Day 191

2 thoughts on “Bike Therapy

  1. Hi Mike,

    There is nothing like a change of scenery to help put things in perspective. For me, it’s taking a walk. Even if I am only walking around my neighborhood, the fresh air does me good.


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