Some Reason

11148753_940758249318297_3321767991454029834_nHey Kids,

Today I rode for the dogs.

Great Danes that is.

I know how much of a pain it is to see a group of motorcycles, sometimes numbering in the 100’s and occasionally over 1000, traveling together on the highway. We stretch out down the lane, making it near impossible to change lanes, pass, or have a little peace and quiet. When the police escort, they even make you all stop just to let us roll past.

I’m sorry about the inconvenience, but I’ll admit I’m only slightly sorry for the inconvenience. Riding in a large group, from time to time, is a lot of fun. It also serves a personal pleasure to interrupt normal life and cause some road mayhem.

But when you see the groups of bikes, know that many of the smaller groups and every large group rides are engaged in a charity fund raising effort. Today we rode with a group of 17 bikes. Our effort was to raise money for a Great Dane Rescue group. It was told to us at the end of the ride that we raised, through participation fees and raffle purchases, about $1000. Not bad for a little ride through the hills.

I know that doing things for a good cause doesn’t ease all the pain, nor does it reflect the only or main reason I join an occasional group ride; but it at least gives it a reason.


Day 180

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