The End of My Kind?

Hey Kids,

It just struck me today, I think I’m a dying breed.

You see I was born in Murray (pronounced Murry), Utah. In Cottonwood Hospital, that ain’t no more. Not just closed but gone. The building removed and a Business Park built over the site. My port of entry to this world is no more.

Then I thought, is there a new hospital in Murray?

Cottonwood Hospital being torn down.

Cottonwood Hospital being torn down.

There’s the new IHC Medical complex, the one that chased out the strip club. Is it in Murray or Midvale?

Panic ensued.

Are there to be no more native Murraians? Murrayites? Murraytonians?

I was on the motorcycle when this thought occurred. No Wi-Fi, no Google, no peace.

Where do the city lines lie? Where is the divide between the continuance of my kind or its time ensured extinction?

The wheels of the bike stopped at my destination, the helmet and glasses removed. The question to the Smartphone: What is the address of the IHC Medical Complex near Murray.

I was in a bad spot, barely any bars at all. The circle went round and round as the page loaded.

At last, Murray!


My kind will continue.



Day 177

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