Paper Towns, Solid Bridge

Hey Kids,

Tonight is the US release of Paper Towns, the latest film version of John Green’s same named book. I’m usually not a mass public event type person but I’m making an exception tonight.51hgkNew+XL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

I’ve read the book and I enjoyed it, knowing I don’t participate in the expected demographic. I’m too old, but I grew up once upon a time and I get the growing up part better than those without an extra 30 years of hindsight and experience; although, they might not believe it. The book contained plenty of items to which I could relate. It also contained references that had no part of my youth. Even the lack of cell phones changes the narrative dramatically.

Tonight, I’m going to pay my money, wedge myself between the “Nerd Fighters” that will pack the theatre and see how true the screenplay remained to the story of the book. I’m not going alone. That might be kind of creepers. My sweetie will be joining me but so will a few young’uns. Which might be the greatest reason to go.

It’s hard to bridge generation gaps. The biggest hurdle is the inability to find common ground. Watching and reading the same movies and books is a good step towards finding it.

In the process, and in the case of John Green movies, I find myself entertained as well.


Day 150

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