Saved 10 Minutes

Hey Kids,

So I found myself in the left turn lane and I didn’t mean to.lane-assignment-sign-left-lane-left-turn-right-lane-straight1

The construction barrels and zigzaggy lanes had me confused and next thing I knew, a car pulled up to the right side of me (Commonwealth people that would be your left). It is at that moment I realized I had strayed from my needs.

It was just the next street that I actually needed to make the left and this block, in the downtown area of Salt Lake, was going to take a good extra 10 minutes to make it back around.

10 minutes! I can’t be wasting that much of my life.

I eyed the situation. One car across from me making the opposite left. And no cars going straight. Distractions minimized.

The light turned green and I pulled out to the middle of the intersection; the car that had been next to me was slow off the line (on the phone).

I punched the bike and zoomed (safely) in front of the car and continued straight to the next side street and quickly made the left that I needed. Another 10 minutes rescued from the waste pile.

I love riding a bike!


Day 143

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