Think. Then Help

Hey Kids,

I attended a fantastic church service today. It’s amazing when inspiration for thought is produced.

1) When God’s Law and Man’s law are in conflict, one must choose for himself how to follow. It’s not as clear cut as one might think. The speaker explained how each individual must decide, case by case. Does the law of the land really put you against God’s law? Are you compelled to actually break God’s Law. Man is an agent for himself. Choose wisely, prayerfully, and be mindful of all of the subjects of the law, not just how it pertains to you.

2) Reading scriptures is not enough. One must do what they teach to actually understand them. Underlying need is to serve others. Don’t worry so much what you must teach them, but instead ask what you can do to help them, to make their life, their burden, easier.fruit

These two talks and subjects have been on my mind all day and I believe they extend past Sunday lessons.

1) Do what is right despite what others may say is right and wrong. Hold yourself accountable.

2) Quit worrying so much about what you have and a little bit more what others need.

Maybe it pays to go to church every once in awhile.


And once in a while.


Day 139

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