Hey Kids,

I attended a car show recently. On my walk through the collection of rare, immaculate, or extraordinary vehicles, I crossed a Lamborghini.

I’m not a connoisseur of exotic cars but I do admire fine engineering and flashy paint. I understand that the cost of these cars easily out value the houses that I can’t afford either.

I don’t pass judgment on people spending that much money on something as inutile as a sports car. I would do it if it was my lot to do so. I’ll admit it.

On this one particular Lamborghini, the license plate is what I found interesting.

“Dream Big”. 1024914935132166918_2020125741

I get it.

Dream big for me does not mean dreams of a car. My dream is to be debt free, a house suitable to what I need, in a place I want to live, and surrounded by people I love.

Some may say this is not dreaming big but it’s huge to me.

On my voyage through life, however, I hope plenty of wheeled blessings are included too.


Day 137

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