Punch the Clock

Hey Kids,

I thought a lot about my post yesterday and people who don’t respect a work-at-home job.

It’s not entirely their fault. We can send some mixed messages when we say we’re working. Here are some things that people who work at home can do to help those who might not see it as a real job.

1) At your day job, is your attendance optional? Can you stroll in whenever you want and then leave just as freely? Why do we act like this is how it is when you work for yourself? People understand that when you’re on a job, you are unavailable. No calls, no texts, and no visitors. Crazy, I know. When you’re working for someone else, you have responsibilities that can’t just be dismissed because mom calls. Make you at-home job a real job. Report to yourself, focus on your job, and stay that way when “on the clock”.time_clock

Letting people know when you’re going to be “off” also helps them. They learn your work hours have boundaries and they need to catch you outside of them.

2) No one cares but you. If you’re the boss, be the boss. Get that lazy butt You to work. Take his phone away. Threaten to fire him if he has people showing up on the job site to chat. Be the Boss. If you can’t keep you working or feel it’s important enough, who will? That’s right. Nobody.

3) Leave the house. I know hard to be at-home when you’re not. But it works for me. I am actually taking the time to go somewhere else. The Library, McDonald’s, Starbucks. You’re not just hanging around at the house.

4) Get dressed. No suit required, but not always pajamas. It’s hard to take anyone for real in PJ’s.

So set some hours and be serious about it. Don’t give in to “feel like it or not” Do it. And people will learn you. There will always be a certain percentage of people who’ll never get it, but most of your non-relatives will. Relatives and especially mothers, you’re on your own.


Day 135


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