Old Girlfriends

Hey Kids,

I ran into two old girlfriends tonight.

I had no intentions to do so, it just happened.

It was a local event, family fun they said.

But there, a top the grassy hill, amongst all their sisters, I saw them.

Like a blast from the past, the feelings of love long lost rushed my head and flooded my heart.

I swooned.

I stood, like the young man of yesteryear, admiring. Not from a far but near, almost touching. I withheld only because the sign said, “Look but Please Don’t Touch.

Straight from the late 80’s and early nineties and into today; my two loves, my dreams, my once most disirest of desires came back. My eyes almost went to tears.

At the North Salt Lake Car Show, on the lawn of the golf course, in the Corvette section: A 1979 and a 1990 ZR1 Corvette.

1979 Corvette

1979 Corvette

1979- Just like the one I owned and loved. Only marriage to a real woman broke us apart.

1990 ZR1

1990 ZR1

1990 ZR1- The Beast. The King of the Hill. The one that really started the new Muscle Car Era. The Corvette with the motor unlike any other Corvette motor, ever. Even today’s fancy pants motors. The Corvette that re-broke the 400HP threshold. One of the fastest Corvettes ever (you can look it up). The one 1990 wasn’t ready for.

I was ready but couldn’t afford her and have only been able to dream about her ever since she got away.

My two girlfriends from the past.

Thanks for re-visiting. We’ll have to do it again sometime.

Maybe even go for a spin.


Day 129

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