200 Mile Therapy

Hey Kids,

The job has been disappointing and stressful as a managerial decision has been made to appease a few, upsetting the many. It’s difficult to console the ones felt slighted by policy shift. It’s difficult to listen to an employee who feels that their work efforts and ownership in their workspace has been nullified in order to satisfy a check box.

Difficult especially because I agree with them. IMG_20150606_161116_861

So to let off some of that built up frustration, I loaded onto the bike and put a little over 200 miles behind me this afternoon.

The hot temps of the daytime melted away the worries, even if temporarily, and the evening shadows cooled the soul.

The sticky bug guts on my arm will require a shower then I’m ready to get back to it tomorrow.


Day 122

2 thoughts on “200 Mile Therapy

  1. Hey Mike…thinking of doing the same tomorrow. My stress is different as I am out of work right now and waiting for a couple small projects materialize, so money is beyond tight. Thinking of making a run to the Dragon tomorrow. May write and post some pics if I do.


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