Filling the Longest Day

Hey Kids,

Is it exciting or depressing that the longest day of the year is upon us this weekend?

It’s exciting that we can enjoy more daylight. The warm weather is finally here to stay.

And yet depressing because starting next week every day will be getting shorter.

Sunset on the Longest Day 2014

Sunset on the Longest Day 2014

Last year, I fulfilled a wish I had. To fish from sun-up to sun-down on the longest day of the year. I fished from my Kayak the entire day, caught some fish, and even caught a tagged fish that scored me a new rod from the marina.

This year, I’ll be spending it on Father’s day, of which I will speak more tomorrow.

The important thing to do, is that each day is as long as it should be. And it’s not really the hours the sun remains above the horizons that matters; it’s what you do with it.

Last year I won a rod and fulfilled a wish. This year I’ll visit someone who made so much of my life possible- my dad. I’ll travel across some great country and spend time with my favorite woman and travel companion.

The time I get up and the time I go to bed don’t change much anyway. Why do I even care how long the sun’s up? I guess listening to myself, I shouldn’t. It’s just a thing, just a day. Just fill it with good stuff and move on. I’ll do that.

Now let’s get this ol’ earth tipping the other way and give some of this sunshine back to them southern folk.


Day 117

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